There is a major issue in Opencart latest versions and, and we hope Opencart Team would solve this issue in the next release really soon. But until it is not being solved by Opencart, we as a developer of Opencart extensions we face issue due to which our extensions are not able to work properly.

So the issue is that twig files that are view files of Opencart are not being able to modify in modifications made by OCMOD extension. This is a known issue and has been discussed in many forums and Opencart would release a fix for it soon. But until then we advise it to use opencart v3.0.3.3 or there as a fix by someone on Github, you can apply that fix if still want to use v3.0.3.5 or Using the said fix as suggested by many developers, view twig files are being able to modify and no issue arrives in the Website store. This issue is being caused by Upgrade of template Engine by Opencart in these versions.

If you install this FIX vqmod and ocmod is working again for twig modifications.

How to install the Ocmod version

How to install the Vqmod version