About Us

Open Web Creations provide premium OpenCart extensions and services. Our first priority is to provide comprehensive feature-rich extensions that will save you time and make your work with OpenCart a lot easier.

Our extensions are being sold directly from our store as well you can purchase directly from OpenCart Marketplace.

Our key values

We embrace simplicity

We always try to build products that feel intuitive, are simple to use, even when the software beneath is complex.

We love beauty

When we make extensions, they must function completly, so simple is that. But we also want the customer and there customers to have a good experience when they see and us it. There is only one moment for a first impression.

Listen more then we talk

We have learned to listen to our customers, what they say about our extensions. Our customers have to use it so when they have issues or suggestions, they talk and we listen. We always try to understand the complex problem, so we can come up with a good solution.

We get things done

When we cut big problems into smaller pieces, listen carefully to our customers we are able to tackle any problem and fined a solution.