Refund Policy

Open Web Creations 30-days-money back guarantee ensures that Open Web Creations customers can get 100% of the money they used to purchase Open Web Creations products, if they are not happy with our products and service. As a developer and seller of digital goods, customers MUST meet the following criteria in order to qualify for a refund.

If any of Open Web Creations product’s is corrupted, malfunctioning, does not work as described or Open Web Creations support team cannot solve customer's issues, the customer qualifies for a full product refund.

Refunds WILL NOT be granted under the premises of:

  • The product is not what the customer thought it would be.
  • The product does not have a feature that the customer thinks would be nice.
  • The product does not work and the customer has never contacted Open Web Creations Support Team.
  • The product does not support customer’s e-commerce version.
  • The product does not support customer’s e-commerce platform.
  • The customer purchased the product more than 30 days ago.

Prior to purchasing any of Open Web Creations products, please make sure you test-drive and check all of the product's specifics. Should any questions, issues, troubles about any of Open Web Creations products arise, please refer to Open Web Creations Support team by opening a support ticket in our Support Forum.